Manuel Grassler

LSP® Playing Cards Business Edition English

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Use LEGO® Serious Play® to literally build upon the ideas of your teams. I designed these playing cards so you can infuse your meetings and workshops with some serious playfulness and enhance their outcome right out of the box.

Strategy, Vision, Brands, Innovation – you name it. Pre-designed, powerful questions and exercises guide you through your workshop helping your team to solve their challenges in a playful way. 

Seasoned with tips and tricks you’ll learn the basics of the method and leverage its potential right away. Without any additional knowledge needed you are up and running using the basic techniques of LEGO® Serious Play® within minutes. 


This Business Edition includes:
4 Basics cards: Providing an overview of the methodology itself
4 How-To cards: Enabling you to use the methodology
4 Rule cards: Sharing the Do’s and Don’ts of LSP®
4 Warm-up cards: Getting ready using the bricks

32 Cards with powerful questions sorted by 8 different themes

The 8 themes included cover the areas of:
VISION – develop a powerful vision for your team, area or organisation
PROJECT – create momentum for projects and drive participants engagement
INNOVATION – create and develop new solutions with your team
PROCESS – challenge existing processes to make the lean and efficient
IDENTITY – create a brand identity that surprises your customers
PROBLEM – analysiere ein Problem und dringe bis in seine Wurzeln vor, um Lösungen zu finden
TEAM – foster team collaboration and unlock its potential
CHANGE – involve affected people of change and make them to change ambassadors

The Playing Cards are available as a bundle with 4 additional LEGO® Exploration Bags – to start immediately!